Tali Vogelstein (Founding Investor @ Avid Ventures)

Sweat equity and earning the right to follow on investments, building an LP base that is a source of value to portfolio companies, and catalysts that have propelled Israel into an innovation hub

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This week, we had on Tali Vogelstein (@talivog) from Avid Ventures.

Avid just closed on one of the largest first-time funds ever raised, and the firm is looking to win allocation into the best deals by taking a more collaborative approach. Within her role, Tali focuses on investing across consumer internet, fintech, and software businesses across the US, Europe, and Israel.

In this talk, we discuss:

  • Sweat equity and earning the right to follow on investments

  • Building an LP base that is a source of value to portfolio companies

  • Catalysts that have propelled Israel into an innovation hub

Check out the full episode below:

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